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    Parents are required to provide a minimum of FOUR volunteer units throughout the swim season. Below are basic descriptions of the meet volunteer positions. Parents are asked to select volunteer responsibilities during the registration process. Additional volunteer positions can be added later by accessing individual events in the Team Calendar.

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    Home Meets Only


    Communicates to swimmers, officials, and observers over the public address system. Welcomes the visiting team to our pool, announces the officials for the evening, calls each event so the meet flows smoothly, and announces the scores through out the evening. 


    The starter has control of swimmers delivered to the starting blocks by the clerk of course. Directs swimmers to "take your mark," pauses to ensure no early start; starts each event with an appropriate starting device; calls false start if needed. This position remains stationary at the starting end of the pool. STARTER MUST ATTEND TSA CLINIC PRIOR TO SEASON.
    Runner After stroke event, takes DQ sheets from Stroke and Turn Judge and delivers them to Scorekeeper.
    Ribbon Distributor Position is responsible for distributing Heat Winner and Participant ribbons during the heats for children ages 12 and under. (Ribbons may be given to children ages 13 and older upon request.)
    Concessions Sets up and operates concession stand at home meets. This position involves some pre-meet preparation.
    Cleanup  Gets the facility back in order after the meet ends. This includes (but may not be limited to) putting all lounge chairs and tables back to their pre-meet location, collecting trash from the pool deck, breaking down and storing tents.
    Meet Setup Move all lounge chairs and tables to their designated areas prior to the start of a meet. Set up backstroke flags, lane ropes, chairs behind swim lanes, ribbon and announcer tables. You need to have the pool ready for warm ups which begin promptly at 5:00pm. Please arrive by 4:30pm on day of meet.

    All Meets

    Clerk of Course Gets swimmers to proper starting lane or blocks for their events and get event slips to the Recorder.
    Order of Finish Judge Stands to the side of the pool and determines the order of finish as swimmers finish a race. Although times will be used to determine official order of finish, this is a failsafe in case of a malfunction with the timing system. (Optional)
    Lane Timer  Obtain official times for swimmers in their lane (regardless of which team a swimmer belongs to). 2 timers will be assigned to each lane, one from each team.
    Scorer/Meet Manager Records place finishes from the event and disqualification slips and scores on the website. Scorer also verifies that the times match up with the race results as reported by Order of Finish Judges (if needed).
    Ribbon Writer Completes award ribbons. Ribbons stickers may be printed and affixed to award ribbons, but may also need to be handwritten.
    Stroke & Turn Judge Watches each race and determines if each swimmer does the fundamental strokes properly and touches the wall properly. Also makes sure there are no early starts in relay races. If necessary, will complete the DQ slips and hand them to a Runner. STROKE AND TURN JUDGE MUST ATTEND TSA CLINIC PRIOR TO SEASON.
    Kid Pusher One or two per age and gender group, to gather up the swimmers to be brought to the Clerk of Course when the event is first called by the Announcer. From there, brings the swimmers, in event order, to the benches in their lane positions
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